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February 06, 2009



Food. Food makes me happy. And with food, I share love and happiness with those around me!

~ j

ok. i am game. my kids make me happy. sometimes just one smile from them is enough to make my heart just melt.... now, off to my blog to post this fun little tag game :)


Oh! Fun! count me in!

Sus Briggs

I posted this on my Facebook account in a Note. My name is Susan Briggs...add me!



hello Jen I cannot sign in but good look with whatever you are making......you are inspiring to a lot of people'

The Netherlands


Sorry about that Jen, I am just learning and just created my cooking and crafting blog...so not too many readers yet! If you would like to pass me over and go to the next 5 that's fine! Here's my link:

Andrea H.

Depending on how you count your requests...I would like (if it's not too late) to be included. I posted it on my blog. :-D

And I love funny surprises of all kinds. So, I'm totally up for this game.

Andrea H.

Depending on how you count your posts, I'd like (if it's not too late) to be included in your "count." I posted it on my blog: http://mark-and-andrea.blogspot.com/2009/02/gift-for-you.html.

And me - oh, I love all sorts of surprises, especially funny ones.

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